About Us

Media Literacy is a joint project of the Agency for Electronic Media of Montenegro and UNICEF Montenegro.

The slogan of the Media Literacy Campaign is “Let’s Choose What We Watch”.

The campaign “Let’s Choose What We Watch” focuses on raising awareness of the importance of media literacy for parents, caregivers and children, the importance of selection of media content for children, and improvement of the quality of media reporting on the issues affecting the children’s rights.

Media have the capacity to get their voice heard, to open debates, and raise issues in order to contribute to the actions of genuine public interest.

Therefore, UNICEF and the Agency plan to establish a closer cooperation with the media and journalists in order to use the media resources to encourage both children and parents to a proactive attitude towards a planned media consumption, which will allow children to be in contact with the media contents free of hate speech and prejudice on the one hand, while promoting tolerance on the other.

According to many international studies, violence in the media can increase aggressiveness of children, while educational media contents may help children adopt certain knowledge and skills more effectively. It is therefore of vital to choose media contents carefully.

Media literacy is the ability to use, analyze, critically evaluate and create different media contents. In the 21st century, it is just as important as the traditional literacy, i.e. reading and writing.

A survey on how children and parents use the media in Montenegro, how and with whom they discuss the media contents, and how they interpret the information disseminated by the media is in the pipeline within the framework of this campaign. Moreover, the cooperation between the children and the media outlets will be strengthened through the campaign, in order to have more opinions of the young people in the media reports, and better quality of the programmes focusing on the topics related to them.