Good old radio – Author Ranko Magovcevic

When I am relaxing, I like to listen to radio the most. As I listen to the music, I sing along, and dream that one day my voice will be heard on the radio too.

I am a member of the orchestra of the Association of the Blind of Montenegro and I often perform with them in different cities. I also play the accordion and participate in various recital competitions along with students from regular schools, always achieving noteworthy results.

As I dream of having my singing skills heard on the radio one day, special feelings arise in me.

For me, radio shows have always been an invigorating and joyful experience.

I especially enjoy those shows in which listeners have a chance to go on the air and voice their opinions and comments.

Who says traditional media are not interactive?

I would particularly address the issue of violence against children. I know that shows on this topic would garner a lot of attention from listeners. The concept would be to let listeners go on the air and share their opinions and comments. I would be very happy to exchange my views with them. Perhaps our radio conversations would help reduce the number of children growing up with experiences of violence.

A recent survey conducted by UNICEF and AEM has shown that every fifth child in Montenegro listens to the radio every day. I am among these, and I disagree with those who are talking about the extinction of the old media. I will always listen to the radio. Perhaps it will not be through the same device – today, for example, I can listen to it via mobile phone, laptop or computer… But it’s still the same good old radio.