NGO “Mladiinfo Montenegro” organizes the workshop “Literate Creative”

On the occasion of the International Literacy Day, the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro has organized the workshop “Literate and Creative”.

The first part of the workshop focused on the importance of media literacy and an overview of the media landscape in Montenegro. Elvira K. Ceković of the Agency for Electronic Media participated in this part of the workshop, presenting the campaign “Let’s Choose What We Watch” carried out by the Agency in cooperation with the UNICEF Office in Montenegro. On this occasion, Ceković talked with young people about media literacy and the influence of the media on them. The goal of the campaign “Let’s Choose What We Watch,” is to raise public awareness, especially among parents, that the media are neither good nor bad per se, and that their influence depends on how we use them. It is therefore vital to choose media contents carefully and analyse them critically together with children, in order to enhance their media literacy skills.

The Grammar School literature teacher, Gordana Vučinić, was in charge of the second part of the workshop, which focused on the presentation of literacy, linguistic dilemmas, correct literary writing and pronunciation. Moreover, her presentation tackled the issue of the importance of reading for improvement of literacy, and how to enhance literacy skills in general through open discussion, followed by different exercises focusing on these topics.

In addition to the educational part of the workshop, representatives of the NGO Mladiinfo Montenegro have creatively presented the project “Less Opportunities + Media Tools = Better Opportunities” and the opportunities available to young people within the framework of the Ersamus+ programme.

The photographs from the workshop are available in our gallery.