Workshop “Accessibility of ICT/e-accessibility – WEB and TV/Video Accessibility”

It was concluded at the workshop “Accessibility of Information and Communication Technologies/e-accessibility – WEB and TV/Video Accessibility,” organized by the Ministry of Public Administration and the Agency for Electronic Media (AEM), that the share of TV and video content and their accessibility to people with disabilities are very low in Montenegro and that, in order to make these contents more accessible, it is necessary to consult this population about certain issues and consider the possibility of introducing quotas.

AEM Director Abaz Beli Džafić reminded that, in its 15-year long history, the Agency had been involved in a large number of different projects, adding that all of them had been based on “our efforts to make sure that the society can benefit as much as possible from the results of our work”.

“We believe that the time has come a long time ago, in the digital era, the era of digital television, when we are thinking about digital radio, to explore the possibility of using new technologies and knowledge to the benefit of those who are often unfairly neglected in the electronic media programmes, both in terms of accessibility of content, and topics of relevance or interest to people with disabilities,” said Džafić.

Press release, photos and video from this workshop are available on the following link: